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Selected Cortana Models Prebuilt App


The pre-built personal assistant V2 can interpret commands like “set an alarm for 6 pm” or “call mom”. For a full list of functionality, see the documentation page for this pre-built application.



Subscription Key

Import Unlabled Utterances


Upload a text file of unlabeled utterances, one utterance per line. These utterances will be added to the unlabeled set in this application, and available to label in the "search" and "suggest" tabs. Duplicate utterances will be discarded.


The provided document is either too large (> MB) or of not type .txt!

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New utterances are available to label in the "search" and "suggest" tabs of your application
Sorry, we couldn't interpret this file. The file was either empty, or used an encoding we didn't recognize. The file should be encoded as ASCII or UTF-8.
Utterances should be uploaded as a text file, with one utterance per line.
  1. Welcome!

    Welcome to LUIS! This quick tutorial will show you around the applications homepage.

    To skip the tutorial at any time, click on the 'X' on the top right of any of the dialogs.

  2. Create a new LUIS app

    Click on this button to create a new LUIS application, or to import an existing application in JSON format.

  3. Editing a LUIS app

    To start editing a LUIS application, click on its name, or click on "Edit" in the application header.

    (This is a dummy application. It will disappear after the tutorial is finished.)

  4. Importing utterances

    If you have unlabeled utterances that your application should handle, click here to upload them -- they will be available when you edit the application under the "Search" and "Suggest" tabs.

  5. Export LUIS app

    Click here to download your work into a JSON file. This lets you share you application with other developers, or check your LUIS application into your version control.

  6. Use Cortana models in a pre-built Application

    LUIS also provides access to pre-built LUIS applications that use many of the same models found in Microsoft Cortana.

    Click here to try them, and for API information.

  7. You're all set to go!

    That's it for this tutorial -- have fun creating your LUIS applications!

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